Of Mice & Men Releases Latest Single To All Digital Outlets

Photo Credit: Derek Hess

Sept. 29 — Of Mice & Men has officially released its latest single, ‘Mosaic,’ to all digital outlets.

The announcement was made in a news release distributed Wednesday. The announcement comes just days after the band premiered the single’s visualizer.

The single is the latest release from the band since the debut of its new EP, Bloom, which was released in May. Its release was preceded by that of the band’s EP, Timeless, which was released in February.

The musical arrangement featured in this song is a stark departure stylistically from the band. Instead of the normal metalcore sound for which the band has come to be known, it opted instead for a distinct Slipknot-esque style approach and sound. That is evidenced through the intense approach taken to the instrumentation. Meanwhile, front man Aaron Pauley’s familiar screams pair well in their own right against the heavy instrumentation.

According to a statement from Pauley, the song’s lyrical theme is somewhat existential and philosophical.

“‘Mosaic’ is about questioning whether or not we, as human beings, can overcome our seemingly primal need for combativeness, because it’s more prevalent than ever in our lives these days,” he said.

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