One Day Alive Debuts New Single, ‘Bringing On The Pain,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Jan. 5 — Hard rock band One Day Alive is working on its new, as yet untitled album and in anticipation, is giving audiences a potential taste of that record.

That preview came last month in the form of the band’s new single, ‘Bringing on the Pain.’ Along with the single, the band premiered a video to accompany the song.

The musical arrangement featured in the single exhibits a modern, melodic hard rock style and sound that is immediately radio ready, what with the work from the guitars and vocals. It is a work that any active rock radio station would find an easy fit in its daily lineup. The song was produced by Jason Null, of Saving Abel fame.

The news release announcing the debut of the song and its video did not outline the message in the song’s lyrical theme. In listening closely without that explanation and any lyrics, the inference is that the song centers on the all too familiar topic of a relationship that has gone sour.

The video for ‘Bringing On The Pain’ blends footage of the band performing its new single in a studio setting, with some added video effects for added measure and some footage of the woman about whom the song is supposedly about in various settings.

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