Punk Purists Will Enjoy The Bambies’ New Album Long After “Summer” Ends

Courtesy: Spaghetty Town Records/Wanda Records

Independent punk rock band The Bambies kicked off the weekend with the release of its latest album, Summer Soon.  The 12-song record is just as welcome an introduction to those less familiar with the band as to the group’s established audiences.  That is due in no small part to the record’s featured musical arrangements.  They will be discussed shortly.  The lyrical content that accompanies the album’s musical arrangements adds another layer of appeal to the record and will be discussed a little later.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements and will also be discussed later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, they make Summer Soon a work that will appeal to any punk rock purist.

The Bambies’ new album, Summer Soon is a welcome new addition to this year’s field of new punk rock albums.  The album’s success comes in part through its featured musical arrangements.  The arrangements in question are important to address because they are pure punk in every sense.  From the fuzzed vocals to the infectious riffs (and occasional bass lead) and steady time keeping, every song throws back to punk’s founding days.  There are clear hints of influence from The Ramones throughout the album.  The thing that is most important to remember here is that even with that influence in mind, the band still clearly made the effort to give each arrangement its own identity.  The group succeeded in those efforts, too.  The noted influence is there throughout, but the songs are still their own fun, unique presentations.  The result of that attention to detail even in this aspect makes for plenty of reason in itself for audiences to take in this infectious record.

While the musical arrangements featured in Summer Soon go a long way toward making the album so engaging and entertaining, they are just one part of what makes the album worth hearing.  The lyrical themes that accompany the album’s musical arrangements add their own appeal to the presentation.  The album’s title track proves that without a shadow of a doubt.  The album’s second entry, it is a full on celebratory song, according to front man Sami Stern.

“Summer is always a blast for folks in Quebec,” said Stern. “That feeling at the end of winter when the sun is out, the snow is melting and last season’s accumulated garbage appears below! It’s a promise for better days. The feeling is wonderful.”

While the song may celebrate the return of warm weather up in the far North, it is just as relatable to audiences anywhere else.  Americans, just as much as Canadians, welcome the return of warm weather and the departure of old man winter each year.  To that end, it makes this song clear proof of the importance of the album’s lyrical content.

‘Teen Engine,’ which comes later in the album’s 26-minute run (and is one of the album’s singles along with the album’s title track), is another clear example of the record’s lyrical content.  According to information provided in the press release upon the song’s release, it centers on the ups and downs of teen life.  Everybody has been a teenager.  Everyone has been through the ups and downs of those years, too.  To that end, it becomes quite the relatable work in its own right.  The lyrics to that song are somewhat difficult to decipher sans a lyrics sheet to reference.  That aside, the noted information at least serves as a good starting point in understanding that accessible theme.  It makes the song just one more example of the importance of the album’s lyrical content.

On yet another note, ‘Running Through The Night,’ yet another of the album’s late entries, is another example of that noted importance.  Again, lacking a lyrics sheet to reference, the lyrics are somewhat difficult to decipher.  At the same time though, from what one can decipher, it would seem that the song centers on the simple fun of going out at night with friends.  If indeed that is the case, then it proves even more, the accessibility of the album’s lyrical content.  Keeping that in mind along with the other themes addressed here and those in the rest of the album, the whole leaves no question as to the importance of the album’s lyrical content.  When that overall content is considered along with the record’s musical content, that whole makes for even more reason for audiences to take in this album.  Even considering all of this, there is still one more item to address in examining the album.  That item is the album’s sequencing.

The album’s sequencing is important to address because of its impact on the album’s general effect.  Thanks to the sequencing, the album’s energy remains high from beginning to the end of the nearly half-hour presentation.  As also already noted, the sequencing ensures that the album’s lyrical themes change from one to the next as do the ever so subtle variances in the album’s arrangements.  That overall attention to detail in so many aspects keeps the album fully enjoyable thanks to its sequencing.  When this is considered along with the album’s content, the whole makes this record a presentation that any punk purist will enjoy.

The Bambies’ new album, Summer Soon is a successful new offering from the independent punk rock band.  Its success comes in large part through its musical arrangements.  The arrangements throw back to the great timeless songs of The Ramones from one to the next.  At the same time, they do not just rip of The Ramones’ music.  Rather, they just use that music as a starting point for their own identities  What’s more the arrangements change ever so subtly from one to the next, ensuring their appeal even more.  The lyrical themes that accompany the album’s musical arrangements add their own appeal to the presentation thanks to their own accessibility.  The record’s sequencing rounds out the album’s most important elements as it brings everything together, completing the record’s presentation.  Each item examined is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, they make the album a work that any punk purist will welcome.  It is available now.

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