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Release Date, Details Announced For New Fates Warning Biography

May 16 — A new biography of Fates Warning is planned for release this summer.

Destination Onward — The Story of Fates Warning is scheduled for release July 15 through FYI Press and Radical Research. The 400 page biography was assembled by author/journalist Jeff Wagner and will feature 176 black-and-white photos and 56 color pictures to accompany the band’s story.

The biography was crafted through interviews with members of the band past and present and overs the band’s infancy, going all the way back to its infancy as the band Misfit in 1983 and goes right through to the release of the band’s opus, ‘The Last Song.’ The interviews featured throughout the book include and are not limited to those with members of Dream Theater, Steel Prophet, While Heaven Wept, Metal Blade Records head Brian Slagel, and InsideOut Music head Thomas Waber.

“This book was a total labor of love,” said Wagner. “I tried to construct the kind of document that I, as a massive Fates fan, would want to read. As with my other books, I labored over every detail, no matter how tiny, to ensure everything is as high quality as possible, from research to printing materials and everything in between. It was a pure pleasure to have the cooperation of the guys in Fates Warning, from the last lineup to all the enthusiastic ex-members too. I’m proud that this book will stand as a document of the band’s legacy, celebrating the artistic achievements all us Fates freaks hold dear.”

More information on Wagner’s new Fates Warning biography is available online now along with all of Fates Warning’s latest news at:





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