Saturate Debuts New EP’s Second Single, Lyric Video


April 19 — Independent rock band Saturate is planning the release of its new EP, Feed The Fire, and in anticipation of its release, the band released the record’s second single, ‘Thank You‘ and its lyric video this week.

The band released the single and its video Tuesday through MVK Music Group. The band premiered the EP’s lead single, ‘Light The Match‘ Oct. 1.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Thank You’ is a heavy melodic hard rock composition. The crunching, down-tuned guitars used in the verses are a direct contrast to the more melodic hard rock sound and style of the choruses. That approach in the choruses lends itself to comparison to works from Sevendust while the verses present a more aggro-rock approach in the vein of Korn and Breaking Benjamin. The overall dichotomy of sounds and styles in this song is similar to that of ‘Light The Match’ and is certain to engage and entertain audiences from beginning to end.

On a side note, there are moments in ‘Light The Match’ that also conjure thoughts of Leprous and others that conjure thoughts of Mushroomhead thanks to the combination of the instrumentation and the vocal delivery styles of front man Jimmy Miller.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Thank You’ is literally a show of appreciation for the band’s fans. This is pointed out in a press release announcing the premiere of the song and its lyric video. It is meant as a gratitude to the band’s fans for their support.

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