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Sorcerer Covers Black Sabbath Hit For Its Latest Single

Oct. 8 — Sorcerer premiered its take of a classic Black Sabbath song this week.

The band premiered its take on Black Sabbath’s ‘When Death Calls‘ along with a companion video Friday. The song’s premiere comes almost a month after the band debuted its cover of Rainbow’s ‘Gates of Babylon‘ along with a companion video.

Sorcerer’s take on ‘When Death Calls’ largely stays true to its source material both in terms of sound and stylistic approach. The one difference between the two takes is the production. Sorcerer’s cover gives the original a richer sound, even in the more subtle, contemplative verses. It brings the 80s rock sound of the original into the 21st century but still pays tribute to its source material. Keeping that in mind, Sorcerer’s update will impress audiences just as much as the original.

Front man Anders Enberg talked about Sorcerer’s update of ‘When Death Calls’ in a prepared statement.

“You can hear it in the early Sorcerer songs, that we are a lot about Black Sabbath,” he said. “Maybe we tend to mix in the more melodic parts – more like the Dio and Tony Martin era albums – in the music we make today. For me ‘When Death Calls’ is one of the strongest songs I think they have written. A really doomy song, which in my opinion sounds a lot like the music we create in Sorcerer. After having a blast recording ‘Gates of Babylon’, we decided to give covering another spin. ‘When Death Calls’ was unanimously chosen as the track to go for!”

Guitarist Peter Hallgren echoed Enberg’s comments.

“Black Sabbath is an endless source of inspiration for writing good music in whatever style of hard rock and metal,” he said.

More information on Sorcerer’s take on ‘When Death Calls’ is available along with all of Sorcerer’s latest news at:



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