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Sorcerer Takes On Saxon Classic For Its Latest Single

Nov. 12 — For the third time in as many months, Sorcerer is taking on a classic rock song for its latest single.

The band premiered its take of Saxon’s ‘Crusader‘ Friday along with a companion video. The song’s premiere follows premieres of the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘When Death Calls‘ last month and its cover of Rainbow’s ‘Gates of Babylon‘ in September.’

Front man Anders Engberg had high praise for Saxon as he talked about the band during a recent interview.

“For me, Saxon, they have always been there, ever since I started listening to heavy metal, and I had the luck to tour with these guys with my old band, Lion’s Share,” he said.

Drummer Richard Evensand expanded on Engberg’s statements during the interview.

“It [Saxon] was the first band I started to really follow as a teenager and it still is one of my favorite bands today,” said Evensand. “For me Saxon equals energy and long tom rolls… in fact more than long tom rolls; mega tom rolls perhaps.”

Added Evensand, “Nigel Glockner has really influenced my play as a drummer. You can imagine that I was immediately in favor of making a Sorcerer rendition of “Crusader”. It’s the most powerful song there is on this planet! Peter Hallgren did an excellent job on the arrangement. We hope everyone loves our version as much as we loved making it!”

Coming in at approximately seven minutes in length, Sorcerer’s rendition of ‘Crusader’ is shorter than its source material by almost a full minute. That is likely due to the fact that Sorcerer’s take on the song does not feature the sounds of battle featured in the original composition. Those sounds take up approximately one minute five seconds of the song’s original one minute, 40 second run time.

There are also some other sound effects thrown in along with some other items that change things up between the two versions. Among the most notable of the other differences is the richness in the sound from Sorcerer’s take. It is much more full whereas the production of the original conjures thoughts of Anthrax and Metallica from that era.

Sorcerer’s take on ‘Crusader’ is available now through all digital outlets. More information on Sorcerer’s take on ‘Crusader’ is available along with all of Sorcerer’s latest news at:




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