South Of Eden Debuts New Single, ‘Lone Riders,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Feb. 18 — Neo-classic rock band South of Eden debuted its new single, ‘Lone Riders‘ and its companion video this month.

The band debuted the pair Feb. 9. The premiere of the song and its video came only days after the band premiered its cover of Van Halen’s classic song, ‘Drop Dead Legs.’ Some of that Van Halen influence is on display at points throughout the new song, too. Audiences who listen closely will hear the influence in the arrangement’s guitar line.

The rest of the arrangement proves engaging and entertaining in its own right, too. That is because of the balance of the band’s classic rock leanings and more modern rock approach. The overall presentation can be argued to have comparison to works from the likes of Buckcherry and to a lesser extent, Stone Temple Pilots.

Front man Ehab Omran talked about the song’s musical arrangement and lyrical content in a prepared statement..

“We chose ‘Lone Riders’ as our first single because we felt the high-energy music and down to earth lyrics encapsulate everything about this band,” Omran said. “It’s about being broke, overlooked, and over being on the outside looking in. You deal with it by getting high and watching life go by because you can’t afford to keep up with it.

Omran added, “It’s a mixture of a lot of things. We’re ‘classically rock’ influenced, but listen to so many different genres and eras that there are a lot of different feelings in our music.

He concluded, “When you hear us, I want you to walk away thinking, ‘That was honest and different’. We’re just doing what we do. We’re proof you can do anything you want and shouldn’t compromise your dreams.”

The video for ‘Lone Riders’ follows the band as it finds itself at a record label after its vehicle runs out of gas. Fortuitously, the band is able to record its new song in the video while one of the label’s executives is held captive, taped to a chair. Ironically, the man turns out to enjoy the song, despite being held captive.

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