That Ships Sailed Announces Ep Release Party at Woodlands Tavern: 02/04/17


That Ship’s Sailed “Trapped in the Middle” EP Release show

With special guests
Heroes Like Villains
A Decade Apart
Ohio On Hi
Memory Drive
Odd Promise

Woodlands Tavern
1200 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

For our first Spotlight band, I present to you Odd Promise.


Formed in early 2016, they are an energetic trio from Central Ohio, bringing back the elements of the early 2000 post-hardcore era. My friends and I talk about the genre of the evolution of the post-hardcore genre quite often. As a fellow post-hardcore band, we understand that defining oneself in this genre means that you can be on the heavy or light end of the spectrum as this genre has gone through so many transformations over the decades. So to know where one’s roots are is always a plus. From what I personally heard of OP, the punk and hard-core elements are very much alive and is a blast back to my middle school years.

I asked Josh of their direction for the band and a brief background on its members. Joshua Dyes is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Philip Howiler does the backing vocals and bass while Shawn Wiler-Martin is on the drums and sex appeal (so says josh). Josh is the guitarist from the group PLSR and Shawn Wiler-Martin is also the drummer in Tourist Trap. The band plans on releasing their EP late February(tba).

Check out this video of them playing “You’re A Lemon Leon” in Portsmouth!


Memory Drive is a rock and roll band out of Columbus Ohio formed in early 2016 by current vocalist and bassist Ryan, guitarists Nick and Michael, and drummer Tommy. Together, they bring a unique sound with influences from Hard Rock, Prog, Alternative and Blues. With a combination of several styles and a recently formed band, the sound is ever changing and evolving.

When I asked Ryan of their direction, he told me right now they are just playing to have fun, no major plans for the future. They will continue to write music until they think they have good enough material to record and release an EP or album. They hope to release one soon though they will have a couple demos to release so those who haven’t seen them live will have a chance to hear their sound.


Ohio On Hi is a pop/rock band based out of Waverly, Ohio. The band gravitated away from their major key pop punk sound they had been known for and towards more of an emotionally driven pop rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Mayday Parade, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. If you listen to anything they did from 2013, you can really hear that transition. Josh says that he likes to think they sound very 2006.

They’ve recently pumped out a new single called “Break you” which is featured on this spotlight and are currently working on an EP. They have shared the stage with bands like Hit The Lights, State Champs, and City Lights.


A Decade Apart is a post-hardcore band based in Columbus, Ohio that formed in May of 2016. They are known for their catchy songs and high energy stage performance that makes fans craving for more. They are putting the final touches on their self titled EP that will be available later in the year with plans to tour in the summer.

So that’s the dry version of what I have to say about these guys. I personally know each member of ADA and they are a band of very down to earth, chill guys. One thing that these guys do that I truly appreciate is how they promote community within the Columbus scene. I’ve seen these guys perform multiple times and they are a ton of fun not only on stage but off. They’re doing their part to revive the scene and bringing back screamo/emo and post-hardcore so check these guys out! Be sure to make Donald Courter go in the pit if one comes up…He thinks he’s too kew.


Heroes Like Villains is a five piece pop-punk band from Columbus, Ohio. Their catchy lyrics and energetic sound will take you back to the golden days of pop punk and surprise you with fresh, innovative musicianship. With a range of musical influences from pop-punk to metal, Heroes Like Villains keeps their fans guessing and always delivers. Whether they’re getting your blood boiling in the mosh pit or mellowing the room with their smooth vocals, their vitality continues to excite listeners and leave the music scene hungry for more.
They are a band full of fun guys both on and off stage, I’ve personally been to many of their shows and they show up every single time they take the stage.