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The Apprehended Streams EP in Full

Greenville, NC – LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival veterans The Apprehended is now streaming their Imminence Records debut EP in full. The EP, entitled At Arms Length, releases tomorrow and includes the lead single “Still Flyin’.” The South Carolina natives will be touring in support of the release later this summer.

’At Arms Length’ is just a sample of what The Apprehended has become over the course of just a few short years. It’s representative of who we are as both people and artists, and we’re excited to present to you this culmination of so much more than just blood, sweat, and tears. This record is just the beginning of what we as a band are excited to accomplish with the help of Imminence Records.” – Michael Pitt (Vocalist)

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The Apprehended take the technicality of modern progressive metal, mix it in with the anger and aggression from metalcore, add a dash of chaos, and a healthy helping of big anthemic, sing along choruses and mix them together. The Apprehended strive to make forward moving music with nods toward traditional styles within their genre. Honest lyrics with powerful instrumentation drive this band to the edge of chaos and back. With a live show that has been described as volatile, venomous, and chaotic The Apprehended’s stage show is not one to be missed. 

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