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The Dead Daisies’ New LP Is A “Shining” New Rock Record

Late last month, rock band The Dead Daisies released its latest album, Radiance through SPV Steamhammer.  The band’s sixth album, it came a little more than a year after the band’s then latest album, Holy Ground.  It is a welcome follow-up to that record and an equally welcome new addition to the band’s catalog, too thanks to its musical and lyrical content alike.  The musical arrangements feature a nice blend of neo classic rock (for which the band has come to be known over the years) and some more modern sounds and styles.  The lyrical content that accompanies the record’s musical content offers some easily accessible material that is certain to resonate with audiences.  One of the most notable of the record’s entries comes halfway through its 10-song run in the form of ‘Born To Fly.’  The song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Courageous,’ which comes later in the album’s 36-minute run time, is another example of how the record’s overall content comes together to make the album engaging and entertaining.  The album’s title track, which comes just ahead of its midpoint, is yet another example of what makes Radiance so enjoyable.  It will also be examined later.  Each song noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album’s presentation.  When they are considered alongside the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes Radiance a shining new offering from The Dead Daisies that shows this band is still alive and kicking.

Radiance, the latest album from rock band The Dead Daisies, is a strong new offering from the band that will appeal equally to the band’s established audience base and to rock fans in general.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical content alike.  ‘Born to Fly,’ which serves as the album’s midpoint is just one of the songs that does so well to exhibit the album’s appeal.  The song’s musical arrangement forms the foundation of its appeal.  The steady accented beats on the drums performed by drummer Brian Tichy that open the song immediately make it infectious because of the groove that they create.  Guitarist Doug Aldrich’s riff soon enters, making for even more punch alongside bassist David Lowy’s low end.  The richness created through that overall instrumentation makes for so much modern rock heaviness that will keep listeners engaged and entertained throughout.  Front man Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) adds his own powerful punch through the control of his vocals throughout the song, too.  The juxtaposition of his work to that musical content makes the song’s overall musical arrangement reason enough to take in this song.

The lyrical content that accompanies the hard rocking punch from the song’s musical content adds even more to the song’s impact.  That is because of the seeming positive message that it presents.  The seeming theme is presented as Hughes sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “Gonna leave today/In the great skyway/Climbing in the sonic air/Vibration in my blood/Elation understood/It’s a Mother Earth affair/And I wander like a bird/In my tranquility/’Cause I was born to fly.”  Hughes continues in the song’s second verse, “Here in the openness/Relive a dream, confess/A prophecy, some time ago/I take the long way home/No matter where I roam/High above into the glow.”  This just sounds like a theme of positivity and feeling free of so much.  It comes across as deeply metaphorical language, but the overall message remains.  It is a message of so much joy and freedom from the constraints of the world that would otherwise tie one down mentally and emotionally.  This is all just this critic’s interpretation.  That overall joy, together with the power in the song’s musical arrangement makes for so much enjoyment just in this song alone.

Another song featured in this record that makes the album so positive comes later in the presentation in the form of ‘Courageous.’  The musical arrangement featured in the song is another heavy, driving composition.  Aldrich’s blues-infused guitar riff forms the song’s foundation while Hughes’ vocals pair with the bass and drums to flesh out the arrangement even more and make it so infectious throughout.  The energy that is exuded through the group’s collective performance makes the arrangement just as powerful as any of the album’s other entries.

The infectious impact of the song’s arrangement pairs with the seeming message of encouragement and empowerment to make for even more interest.  The seeming message is inferred as Hughes sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “Arc light/I do rely/You try so hard/But you can’t let go/You hear a word my friend?/You breathe/You let in/I hear you callin’/Now you got to believe/When you give and receive/It’s courageous/Now you’re breaking away/Got to live for today/It’s courageous.”  The seeming message continues in the song’s second verse, which finds Hughes singing, “What will become of you?/Sweet little bird in June/You try so hard/But you can’t let go/And now you testify/It’s time to purify/Under the skin/Sanctify yourself/Sit tight/Hold back again/You breathe/You let it in/I hear you callin’.”  It is as if this is someone addressing a person who will not let himself or herself go and be free.  Again, this is just this critic’s interpretation.  The thoughtful nature in which this seeming message of being true to one’s self and become empowered makes for plenty of interest in itself.  When it is paired with the song’s equally infectious, positive musical arrangement, the whole makes ‘Courageous’ all the more engaging and entertaining and just one more example of how much Radiance has to offer audiences.

Radiance’s title track is just one more of so many examples of what audiences will find enjoyable about the album.  This song’s arrangement stands out among its counterparts due to its sludge rock approach a la Black Label Society.  What’s even more interesting here is how Hughes’ vocals pair with the instrumentation to make the overall arrangement comparable to not only works from Black Label Society, but also to those from Alter Bridge (which also has recently released its latest album).  The arrangement overall will resonate with ease among audiences.

The musical depth presented in ‘Radiance’ is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The uplifting lyrical theme featured in the song makes it all the more interesting.  The theme here is similar to that featured in ‘Courageous’ or so it seems.  That seems the case as Hughes sings apparently from the vantage point of someone trying to get another person to let that radiance glow.  This is inferred as he sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “You wanna leave the grey/You can’t find a way/The pull of gravity/There lies your destiny/Your karma legacy/Where is the harmony?/No peace of mind/And your eyes won’t let you see/In the radiance/Underneath the skyline/In the radiance/I can see your star shine.”  That mention of being able to see one’s star shine even though that person won’t let his/her eyes see makes the inferred theme stronger in its presentation.  It is strengthened even more in the song’s second verse as Hughes sings, “I see the majesty/Deep in the tapestry/You are so blind/I hear your rhapsody/White light above the sky/No need to wonder why/So let it shine.”  Again, here is that person seemingly telling another person to let his/her positive side show through.  He is trying to get that person to see the positive in himself or herself just like the rest of the world sees.  It is a message that is certain to resonate with so many listeners.  Add in the somewhat contemplative nature of the song’s arrangement and the mood is set even more for the song’s impact.  The whole makes this song yet another powerful addition to the album that further shows how much Radiance has to offer audiences.  When it is considered alongside the other songs examine here and with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes Radiance yet another welcome addition to this year’s field of new rock albums.

Radiance, the latest entry from The Dead Daisies, is another impressive offering from the band that is certain to appeal equally to the band’s established audiences and to rock purists alike.  The record’s combined musical and lyrical content alike makes that clear, as is evidenced through the trio of songs examined here.  When that trio of compositions is considered alongside the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes Radiance a shining addition to this year’s field of new rock albums.

Radiance is available now through SPV Steamhammer.  More information on the album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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