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The Dead Don’t Sleep, A Decade Apart, Faith In Failure, Concert photos and Interview with Faith In Failure-01-22-2022-The Summit Music Hall-Columbus,Ohio

The Dead Don’t Sleep

A Decade Apart 

Faith In Failure 

Mayhem Rockstar Magazine 

(Kyle Williams) 

Interview w/ Faith & Failure 

MRM: Hello Faith In  Failure Thanks for taking the time to chat with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine.

MRM:  How was Faith and Failure founded? 

Faith In Failure: We were founded, I guess technically almost 10 years ago, 8 years ago, it was just an idea I had and eventually piece by piece just kind of added everybody and kind of went from there.

MRM: What was the inspiration behind Touched  By The Moon?

Faith & Failure: Touched By the Moon is a Western about Vampires, supercool so like main character, he’s in the west he’s trying to get back east because that is where his family is, but he can’t trave; during the day so he must travel at night, that’s the song.

RMM: How was your experience playing at the Adelphia Music Hall with Betrayed by the Bullet? 

Matt-Faith & Failure: Playing at the Adelphia Music Hall last night was really great, it’s something that has actually been two years in the making at this point, this show was supposed to happen back in April 2020, and then all things Coronavirus and pandemic occurred. We had several conversations, we have this date or maybe this tentative date, it just kept getting pushed back and it finally happened. And Betrayed By The Bullet are  good friends of ours, good dudes it was great to finally get back on stage with them after such a long time. 

RMM: What was your experience of recording at Capitol House Studios? 

Faith & Failure: Capitol House and Nick Ingram, he has been really great to work with, he definitely gets the best performances out of all of us, he has really pushed us kind of beyond our comfort zone just making sure we get really good takes, making sure the product we put out is the best it can be, he’s highly recommended id anyone ever is thinking about recording in general he’s a lot of fun to work with.

MRM: This next question is for all of you.

…If I can find it (Laugh)

If I can find it

What are your thoughts about losing a local iconic venue like Alrosa Villa? 

Matt-Faith & Failure: I mean I’ve, we only got one chance, I have only seen it once personally, but I say it’s pretty heart breaking. It has a lot of very well-known bands that have been through there, I say it’s a pretty big piece of iconic history in the local music scene, so yeah it’s pretty upsetting to see it go.

Nick-Faith & Failure: Yeah, I would agree with Matt it’s part of the local, local music culture. It’s tough to see it get torn down it’s gone now but another place we play King of Clubs has kind of stepped up and have taken on some those shows obviously nothing will replace Alrosa but at least there is still a venue for modern hard rock and some of the bands we still have here in Columbus.

Chad-Faith & Failure: Defiantly echoing Nick of how iconic it was here, defiantly historical, it’s been here as long as anything else I can remember in Columbus, and now its going to be affordable housing which is just very unfortunate, the places history countless bands have gone through and you know even just all the different shows and different things that have happened at that venue, I am glad we had got to play there at least once, definitely a venue that was on my bucket list when I started playing music.

Cole-Faith & Failure: Not to. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, everyone has said the same thing it was cool, it does suck that it is gone but it was cool for us, we didn’t know it at the time but we actually played the final show at the Arosa, that was the battle for Incarceration, which was 2020, so that was Valentines Day weekend, we were the 2nd day so you know that ended up being the final show, everything ended up shutting down a month later, unfortunately no one else is going to get to go there anymore so, it sucks.

Aaron-Faith & Failure: Man, it really does suck because like I would go there all the time as a kid, my dad was in a band 7th cycle we would always go there, I would help him out, we would get to see so many cool bands, so I used to be over there every weekend, but the last show they had there we played, it was pretty legendary feeling to me, pour one out for Dime Bag, I am always going to be the guy who says that.

RMM: What products and companies sponsor you? 

Faith & Failure: As a band, Hosa they are our most recent one, but we are also endorsed by Dirt Bag Clothing, then Matt has an endorsement himself.

Matt-Faith & Failure: Yes, I am personally endorsed by Spectre Basses that is as of October 2020.

MRM: How excited were you guys when Atreyu featured you guys on their music discovery playlist.

Faith & Failure: Sorry misunderstood what you said, Atreyu-no yeah that was really cool that was sort of a last-minute submission thing, umm you know Brandon Saller their vocalist, he has been an idol of, I would say most of ours if not all of ours. Atreyu just being one of those legendary early metalcore bands for us. I remember personally I was actually working a late shift at work, and I logged into one of the computers and kind of just hid in the office just to watch it, instead of doing what I was supposed to do and hanging out in the group chat and texting the guys in the group chat about it, it was just kind of one of those moments were someone you really look up to, takes the time to notice what you’re doing its really awesome.

Faith & Failure: The one thing about it, we didn’t know we originally thought it was just like he was going to stream music and everybody just kind of listened, but it ended up being like a fan voted thing for anyone who was watching, we ended up winning the whole thing which was really cool. We actually beat. Nick you know the name, what is Red Sun Rising? 

Matt-Faith & Failure: The Violent.

Faith & Failure: They were in there; we did not know we actually beat them so that’s kind of cool. Yeah, I don’t think Nick knew that we did yeah we beat them (Laugh).

Faith & Failure: Yeah it was pretty god damn cool to have someone as cool as Brandon there like umm certain parts of the song he was singing the songs with my voice, he would react to my voice, he was like aww you threw me, he loved it. It was amazing.

MRM: What are your experiences performing at King of Clubs?

Faith & Failure: King of Clubs has been awesome, Ricky the guy who owns the place actually reached out to me a while ago, probably talking right around the time they opened last year, and was like you know hey checked out your band, like what we hear would like to get you on, ended up giving us an invite to come see his band X-Factor 1 play and to just check out the place and it was really cool. 

But we were very fortunate we got to open for Red with Harmless Habitt and Illusions, and that was a lot of fun everybody there was super nice, super professional kind of reminds of the Alrosa, the stage crew there are guys that worked at the Alrosa so I think it was little bit of just everybody migrated over which is cool, yeah it is an awesome venue for sure, I highly recommend it if you have never been there. We are actually playing there February 10th. We will be there again, with Black Stone Cherry this time with So High, I think it’s just the three of us on the bill this time.

RMM: How can fans find you on social media? 

Faith & Failure: Social media we are everywhere, have a profile on almost every social media account you can muster especially the main ones Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We’re trying to have a Tik Tok, which is a really fun adventure. The easiest way to find your way to all of our social media, or anywhere you want to stream or buy music, download or torrent or pirate whatever it is, if you want to find how to find us its faithandfailure.com that is going to be the quickest and easiest way to get through. 

RMM: Thanks Faith and Failure for chatting with us.

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