The Reed Effect Debuts New Single, ‘Trampled Under,’ Video

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment

May 12 — The Reed Effect premiered its latest single and video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Trampled Under’ and its companion video Wednesday. Their premiere follows that of ‘Rise Up‘ and its companion video, which the band premiered in September, and ‘Fine Here,‘ which the band premiered in March. All three songs are featured in the band’s album, 1973.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Trampled Under’ is a unique presentation that stands apart from its counterparts on the band’s new album. Front man Kirk Reeds’ vocals are comparable to those of Collective Soul front man Ed Roland. His vocal delivery style and sound pairs with the guitar arrangement to make the song even more comparable to works from Collective Soul. On the other side though, are the inclusion of the sitar and tabla to the mix. Their addition to the song makes for even more interest to the overall arrangement.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the debut of the band’s new single and video. Lyrics were not provided with the song’s video, either.

The song’s video features Reed bound by ropes, and pairs that with footage of him and his band mates performing their new single on a sound stage meant to look like a live setting. Eventually, Reed breaks free from the ropes in the video’s final scenes. One has to assume that this plays into the song’s lyrical theme, considering that Reed said of the song that it is “the darkest and most emotional” song on the band’s new album.

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