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The Scarlet Goodbye Debuts New Single, ‘Rosary,’ Companion Video

March 25 — Rock band The Scarlet Goodbye is working on its debut album, Say Hello to The Scarlet Goodbye, and in anticipation, released the album’s lead single and video this month.

The band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Rosary‘ March 12 along with its companion lyric video. The video features the song’s lyrics appearing over various imagery, such as a person holding rosary beads, thunderstorms, a car driving through a city as the song plays over the visualization.

Courtesy: Epochal Artists Records/INgrooves

The musical arrangement featured in the song is a gentle, flowing, almost emo style composition. Founding member Dan Murphy (also of Soul Asylum fame) said of the arrangement that its sound and approach is comparable to The Cure’s ‘Lost in the Supermarket.’ It also bears similarity to songs from so many modern emo acts.

Murphy said the song’s lyrical theme is that of unrequited love. He said it was about a woman that he was seeing at the time that he wrote the song’s lyrics, adding he felt more strongly for her than she did for him.

More information on The Scarlet Goodbye’s new single, video, and album is available along with all of the group’s latest news at:





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