Trashed Ambulance Honors Label’s Head With New Single

Courtesy: Thousand Islands Records

Jan. 5 — Punk rock outfit Trashed Ambulance is paying tribute to one of the heads of Thousand Islands Records with a new single.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Cyntax Error‘ Thursday. The song is a birthday present to Cynthia Charpentier, Thousand Islands Records co-owner and label manager, according to the band.

“When a great friend/mom-ager turns 40you have to make sure she feels the love,” the band said in a prepared statement. “The song is an ode to Cynthia for always kicking ass and taking names while being the best gal east of the Saskatchewan River!”

The musical arrangement featured in the song is an upbeat, fully celebratory composition that fits the song’s lyrical theme quiet well. The pop-punk style approach and sound presented here will appeal to fans of other punk acts, such as Pulley, Face to Face, and The Flatliners.

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