Triskelyon Releases New EP, Debuts Record’s Lead Single, Video

Courtesy: Asher Media Relations

Jan. 25 — Independent hard rock band Triskelyon released its debut self-titled EP Tuesday.

In celebration of the record’s release, the band debuted the lyric video for the EP’s lead single, ‘Hunger’ the same day. The video features the song’s lyrics over footage of people protesting as the song plays over the visualization.

The imagery used in the video is meant to help illustrate the message in the song’s lyrical theme, which bassist Geoff Waye discussed.

The song is about a hunger for change in the world,” he said. “I am not a fan of the way the world is heading in terms of politics, divisions, and how stuck in their ways and traditions people are. The chorus line “It’s the time for the fearless to rise. A hunger for change in their eyes.” gets to the theme and heart of the song’s idea.”

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Hunger’ will appeal to fans of bands, such as Judas Priest, and Iced Earth. That is evidenced through the powerhouse vocals, the driving, bombastic guitars, and overall richness of the bass and drums.

Track Listing:
1. Hunger (2:58)
2. Find A Way (4:03)
3. Odyssey (Blessed by Steel) (3:32)
EP Length: 10:34

More information on Triskelyon’s new single, video, and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: