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Typhoid Rosie Debuts Defiant New Single, ‘All I Need’

Typhoid Rosie is giving audiences yet another preview of its new album.

The band premiered the album’s latest single, ‘All I Need,’ Tuesday. The song is the third single from the band’s  forthcoming album, Queen of Swords, which is scheduled for release Aug 13. Its premiere follows that of the album’s existing singles, ‘Queen of Swords‘ and ‘Defend Your Temple.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘All I Need’ is starkly different from those of its predecessors. While it is an up-tempo composition, it is also somewhat more relaxed. The band’s punk influence is still there, but this time, it is paired with an approach that easily lends itself to works from The Go-Gos than from any punk band.

According to comments from front woman Rosie Rebel, the song’s lyrical theme is just as defiant as those in the album’s first two singles.

“Ninety percent of the songs dudes write that we thought were love songs are really about sliding a girl’s panties off,” she said. “Maybe its time we mix sh*t up. This is the song that happens when a grown-ass woman rips the mic out of some douchebag’s hand who’s held that mic for way too long.”

More information on Typhoid Rosie’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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