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Until I Wake Premieres New Single, ‘Octane,’ Companion Video

Nov. 12 — Emocore band Until I Wake debuted premiered its latest single and video this month.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Octane‘ and the song’s video Nov. 12.  The song and video are the first from the band’s as yet untitled forthcoming album.  The album’s release date and more is all under consideration.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Octane’ is familiar territory for any emocore fan.  That is evident through the blend of clean vocals, screams, down-tuned guitars and heavy, rich drums and bass.

The song’s lyrical theme takes on the familiar topic of giving people so much but getting so little in return, according to a prepared statement from the band.

“‘Octane’ is basically about the after effect of putting too much of your faith in someone, only to constantly be let down,” the statement reads in part.  “‘Octane’ is a big ‘f*** you’ to the ones who don’t stick around and can’t keep up.”

The video for ‘Octane’ is a relatively familiar style presentation.  It features the band performing its new single in a warehouse setting.  A variety of camera angles and video effects is used throughout to help enhance the viewing experience and the energy in the song’s arrangement.

In other news, the band is scheduled to hit the road next spring in support of Atttack Attack’s headlining tour.  UIW will join Conquer Divide as support on the tour, which is scheduled to launch March 30 in Rochester, NY.  The tour is scheduled to run through April 10 in Greensboro, NC and to feature performances in cities, such as Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD and Tampa, FL.

More information on Until I Wake’s new single, video, tour, and forthcoming album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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