Venerea Debuts New LP’s New Single, ‘Summer Of ’94,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: SBAM Records

June 23 — Punk rock band Venerea is scheduled to release its new album, Euro Trash this summer through SBAM Records, and in anticipation has released the record’s new single and video.

The band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Summer of ’94‘ and its companion video Thursday. The musical arrangement featured in the song is a light, upbeat composition. It will appeal easily to any pop punk fan through the positive mood that it sets.

The positive mood set through the arrangement is important to note because the song’s lyrical theme is a warm reflection on what was obviously a fond memory of 1994 for one of the band members. There is even a brief mention of Green Day in the song and its role in those fond memories.

The video that accompanies the song features the band on the road and on stage as the song plays over the visualization.

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