Visions Of Atlantis Debuts New Single, ‘Master The Hurricane,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Napalm Records

May 11 — Visions of Atlantis dropped its latest album, Pirates Friday through Napalm Records, but not before releasing one more single from the brand new album Wednesday.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Master The Hurricane‘ Wednesday, along with its companion video. The premiere of the new single follows those of the album’s other singles, ‘Melancholy Angel‘ and ‘Legion of the Seas.’ All of the familiar power metal leanings presented in those singles is just as evident here, though the song still boasts its own identity separate from those songs and the album’s other entries. The comparisons to works from the likes of Sabaton, Helion Prime, and Epica are just as easy to make in this case as in the other songs.

The video featured with the song presents the band aboard a ship trying to navigate an old pirate ship through a very dangerous storm. Vocalist Michele Guaitol sees the whole thing happen as an unidentified figure holds a gem in hand that acts like a crystal ball, showing the story happen.

Once again, no information was provided in the press release announcing the debut of the band’s new single and video. No lyrics are provided with the video, either.

Pirates‘ track listing and available platforms are noted below.

Pirates tracklist:
1. Pirates will Return
2. Melancholy Angel
3. Master the Hurricane
4. Clocks
5. Freedom
6. Legion of the Seas
7. Wild Elysium
8. Darkness Inside
9. In my World
10. Mercy
11. Heal the Scars
12. I will be Gone

Pirates is available in the following formats:

  • Wooden Deluxe Box (incl. digisleeve, flag, hip flask, signed autograph card) – strictly limited to 300
  • Canvas (100x50cm) + CD Digisleeve – strictly limited to 100
  • 2 LP Gatefold GLOW IN THE DARK – strictly limited to 300
  • 2 LP Gatefold Black
  • CD Digisleeve
  • Digital Album

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