WILLIAM RYAN KEY Releasing Critically Lauded EP “Virtue”

WILLIAM RYAN KEY has released  his second solo EP Virtue.

Following closely on the heels of his debut EP Thirteen and several tours this year with acts such as New Found Glory and Mayday ParadeVirtue is a natural progression from its stark and vulnerable predecessor. This evolution has received rave reviews from critics thus far.

Key has written these songs to evoke and to let us ponder over them. They’re worthy of this attention, he is worthy of an admirable reception, and his work is never tired or repetitive” – Substream Magazine

Virtue establishes Key’s foothold as an exceptionally honest songwriter with a far greater sense of self-confidence, completely without hesitancy to put out into the world what most would prefer remain hidden away” – AltWire

Virtue is composed of six songs that uniquely build suspenseful crescendos from soft acoustic guitar to orchestra and rock instrumentals. William’s angelic voice also mixes well with the predominant use of acoustic guitar in the album” – Edge Music 

“With only six months between his first solo EP Thirteen and Virtue, Key has shown impressive growth as a solo performer” – Stitched Sound

Simply put, Key is merely expanding his intelligent sound and exploring new facets and layers, more journeys off the beaten path in search of a new inspirations” – Cryptic Rock

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNeNrsygxSc[/embedyt]
Virtue, which captures soundscapes that are akin to those of Ben Gibbard and Damien Juradocontinues the songwriting journey that Ryan began with Thirteen. While the former EP embraced the uncertainty and nervous energy of taking a step into new and uncharted territory, Virtue posits the former Yellowcard singer onto firmer ground with a newfound confidence in his own abilities as a songwriter. 

“When I first started making my own music earlier this year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thinkVirtue is an expression of discovery, and a statement that I am finding my own sound” he says. “These songs have helped me navigate the beginning of this new chapter in my life, but they are also an invitation to all of you to join me as I move forward. Thank you for listening.” 

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