Latest National Concert PhotosLive Concert Photos Of Saint Asonia-Epic Event Center-Green Bay,...

Live Concert Photos Of Saint Asonia-Epic Event Center-Green Bay, Wisconsin-02-18-2023-Photographed By: Jeremy Smith


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OCEANHOARSE Release New Album and Share Lyric Video for “Fall Like Dominoes”! “Heads Will Roll” out now on Noble Demon!Photo by: Pete Inkinen / Guilty Visuals For Immediate Release Today, Finnish heavy metallers Oceanhoarse release their highly anticipated sophomore studio album Heads Will Roll via Noble Demon. With eleven brand new tracks, the album seamlessly picks up where its predecessor Dead Reckoning (2021) left off and even goes one step further! Heads Will Roll is an album packed with tense arrangements, vocal harmonies and crushing riffs and a must have release for all fans of heavier but dynamic sounds! Ben Varon on Heads Will Roll: “‘Heads Will Roll’ is literally Oceanhoarse 2.0. We kept all the elements we liked the most from our first album, and kept building on that. I think Heads Will Roll is richer in dynamics, hooks, attitude and dirt. This time around we really wanted to capture the live vibe in the studio, so we rehearsed the songs properly and locked ourselves in a nice big studio for a week, where we banged out all the basic tracks together and chose the best takes at the end of the day. Most of what you hear on the album is from those live takes, even down to many of the guitar solos! I think you can really hear the difference, and feel the band as a living, breathing organism executing these songs, warts and all.” To celebrate Heads Will Roll finally being available worldwide, Oceanhoarse have released a brand new lyric video for the album’s opening track “Fall Like Dominoes”. WATCH the video here:
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