Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Matt Nathanson Heats Up Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What do you get when you mix folk, pop and rock music? His name is Matt Nathanson and he is currently on the road touring with opener Stephen Kellogg.

The artists took the stage in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Culture Room on February 10, 2023 and it was truly a memorable night.

Kellogg set the tone for the night as he hit the stage promptly at 7:30PM captivating the packed audience. The six song set was a mix of newer tracks and ones from his former group Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. He wasn’t afraid to crack jokes in between songs while opening up about his own life.

After a short intermission to set the stage up, Nathanson took the stage to a thunderous applause and screams.  The singer/songwriter opened up his hour-long set with “Boston Accent”, the title track off his newest record. 

He’s part comedian and a storyteller that knows how to light up the room. Nathanson even made a reference to “Back to Life” by Evanescence which brought nostalgic vibes to the audience.

The crowd interaction was A+ and he absolutely adores making his fans part of the show by calling them out and has them laughing in tears at times. His shows are a cathartic experience. 

He played a mix of tracks from Boston Accent, Last Of The Great Pretenders, Sings His Sad Heart and even his hit “Come on Get Higher”. 

Music truly is healing and finding an artist that also mixes comedy within their shows is hard to find. When seeing Matt Nathanson, you get the best of both worlds. He’s no doubt one of the best performers you’ll see. Years later, he’s still packing venues and bringing in crowds of all ages which is the best part. You don’t feel singled out or the oldest/youngest. Everyone there was there for good vibes and good times!

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