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The Reed Effect Front Man Kirk Reed Talks About The Band’s New Album, Loss, More With Mayhem Rockstar Magazine


Rock band The Reed Effect has been making quote the name for itself in the past year plus thanks to its latest album, 1973 and the singles the album has produced.  The album has already produced the singles, ‘Megalomania,‘ ‘Rise Up‘ ‘Trampled Under,’ and ‘Fine Here.‘

Founding member Kirk Reed recently took some time to sit down with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine to talk about the album, its singles, and more.  Much respect goes to Kirk for taking the time to talk with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine about it all. Our interview with Kirk is transcribed below for everyone to enjoy.

MRM: Introduce, if you please, The Reed Effect and how you guys were founded.
KR: I (Kirk Reed) recorded my debut self-titled solo album a few years back, and subsequently put a band together to perform those songs and The Reed Effect was born.
Our self titled Reed Effect album was recorded a couple years later, and slowly became more of a collective project.

MRM: What went into creating 1973?

KR: The pre-production and initial recording actually began in the fall of  2018. We put a lot into it and it paid off. there was a slight line up adjustment and had to redo a couple songs vocally too. We took our time with it and didn’t cut any corners.

MRM: How did you guys decide to make a Music video for Megalomania?

KR: I’ve been working with Allyson Jane for a while and I decided to release every song in this album as a single/video. All the other videos that have been released so far have been done by a videographer. This is the first single release where I did the video on my own. lol. I ran out of money to hire videographers so I did it myself.  It has been a bit of a learning curve, but I hope to continue to improve and put together more videos in the near future.

MRM: Your Sound is that grungy Old School Rock. How did you obtain the look and sound?

KR: I’ve always been a huge fan of classic and grunge rock and it shows in the songs. It was an organic process that developed in our sound and look. I do love all types of music and am open to listening to anything as long as it’s good. But for this band, we stay true to a rock n roll vibe. Even though we fit into the classic grunge genre, I feel we have our own original sound and style.

MRM: How long have y’all been friends?

KR: The new line up and myself have been friends for 8 years or so.

MRM: What can fans expect in the near future from The Reed Effect?

KR: We have one more single/video, Mad Dog,  we’ll put out in a few weeks.
And the last track, ‘Preacher’ I’ll release as a video. It’s actually already done, and I’m waiting for the right time to release it. My late, great brother, Chris, is in the video and will  actually be the final video of his lifetime. We also hope to hit the states in the summer as well. We’re based in Toronto but I have a dual citizenship and want to make the most of it.

MRM: I know it’s a tough subject but fans would like to know how you are dealing with Chris no longer here and our Prayers are with you. He was a great friend and brother to The Reed Effect.

KR: Thank you. That means a lot. The Reed Effect and our songs wouldn’t be what they are without Chris. and I wouldn’t be who I am without Chris in my life for all these years. I’m 22 months older than Chris and was there at the hospital in Providence, R.I. when he was born. And I was there on 10/10 of 2020, when I was with him in his final moments.
Nothing can prepare anyone for something like this. We were very close, never got married, had kids or moved too far away. Would talk and hang out regularly for his whole life.
Having said that, I’d say my family and I have approached this trauma the healthiest way possible and have experienced healing. Chris will always live in our hearts and I feel we’ve found some happiness again. and Chris would want that <3
MHM: What legacy will this instill upon your music to honor him?
KR: I have  pushed and continue to push this album harder than I’ve pushed anything before. This is Chris’s final professional recording, and I want as many people to hear it as possible. And we were fortunate to capture some of Chris’s creative magic and also his beautiful harmonies. And I strive to hold a standard that Chris would. He was a perfectionist in many ways, and a true artist. I’d put him in the category of a tortured artist.
And I do plan to work on a new album fairly soon. I have tons of recordings from Chris  and  I plan to use those ideas in my songwriting. I have enough to work with for the rest of my life. So, Chris and I will continue to create together.

MRM: How can fans find you on Social Media?

KR: You can find all the links to our social media through our website:
MRM: Considering all you and your family has been through I am sure you have found a lot of different sources of inspiration and strength.  What words of inspiration can you offer to anyone out there who might be going through their own difficult situation in life?
KR: My life has been forever changed after losing my dear brother, Chris. I’m striving to sequester that trauma, and keep it from having a ripple effect where the heartbreak continues to spread to my relationships. I was reminded in the most shocking way possible, that this life is impermanent. We’re not here forever. A big part of my life now is to bring encouragement and hope to whoever can use some. There’s no shortage of pain and suffering out there and I plan to do my part to inspire anyone to not go down the road of holding on to any kind of resentment or anger, which inevitably leads to bitterness; Rust to the soul. We have the power of choice and can consciously choose to live a more ideal life.
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