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Beneath My Feet Premieres Video For Its Latest Single, ‘Far From Home’

March 3 — Metalcore band Beneath My Feet debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band unveiled the video for its new single, ‘Far From Home’ Friday. The song is the fourth single from the band’s brand new album, In Parts, Together, behind ‘One More Time‘ and its video, ‘Dig My Grave,‘ and ‘Caught In A Hurricane.

The video for the band’s new single features a man stranded on an unidentified waterfront by himself. The man is trying to make sense of his situation and himself throughout the song as the band is shown performing its new single in the other half of the video.

The visualization is meant to artistically help explain the song’s lyrical theme, which according to a statement from the band, takes on the familiar topic of mental health in a unique fashion.

“Some have reached their destination, but their journey continues. Fighting a new war, no less real,” the statement reads. “Desperate to live. Yearning to find their place. Searching for peace, finding none. Holding nothing but their hope.”

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single stands apart from the rest of the record’s works in its melodic hard rock approach. Throughout much of the song, the sound and stylistic approach taken can be likened to some works from the likes of Atreyu or even The Veer Union. When the song reaches its climax, the real metalcore leanings come out with the heavy, crunching guitars and screaming vocals. It accents the mental and emotional journey that so many people go through in clear fashion, ensuring listeners’ engagement and entertainment even more.

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