Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Earth Crawler Debuts New Single, ‘Aces & Eights’

March 17 — Independent metal outfit Earth Crawler is giving audiences their first taste of its new EP as the weekend opens.

The preview came Friday in the form of the band’s new single, ‘Aces & Eights‘ and the song’s companion lyric video. The song boasts a unique combination of leanings throughout the course of its nearly five-minute run time. That combination finds the band blending elements of death metal, black metal and even metalcore in its verses. Meanwhile, the choruses exhibit more of a melodic hard rock style and sound in the vein of Sevendust.

Having such disparate leanings making up the whole of the song might lead some to think the song would not work, but in reality, there is a certain balance throughout the arrangement that actually makes the whole progress very fluidly from beginning to end, ensuring listeners’ engagement and entertainment.

The intensity of the song’s musical arrangement works well with its lyrical theme, which according to front man Derek Thompson, stems from a personal experience.

‘In a nutshell, it was written with a couple of acquaintances in mind,” Thompson said. “They were having such a hard time during the pandemic.  Literally not a thing could change their outlook on the world. They would post doom and gloom at all times, one of them went into a super bad depression, the other one just had a terrible drinking problem. You grow apart from that at times.

Thompson added, “I tried to reach out just to let them know they had someone to talk to, and just someone to put some positivity back in their life. It was met with mixed emotions, but ultimately it seemed to help. Things get extremely bad for some people and you would just never know, but if you can help them reminisce on things and times they were happy, it can help. We only get one chance at this thing, and sometimes helping the ones that can’t see that is the right way to go, if they’re willing to accept the help.  That’s really where the lyrical theme came from.”

The lyric video that accompanies Earth Crawler’s new single is presented almost in the form of a comic book. Footage of the band performing its single live are incorporated into the setting alongside other images that are apparently meant to look like pictures in a comic book. Those cells help to illustrate the concept presented in the lyrics while also entertaining audiences at the same time.

The title, track listing and release date for Earth Crawler’s new EP are all under consideration. That information is available along with all of the band’s news and more information on the band’s new single and video, at: