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Jughead’s Revenge Debuts New Album’s Second Single; Announces Album’s Release Date


April 7 — Punk rock band Jughead’s Revenge is giving audiences another preview of its forthcoming album, Vultures, which is now scheduled for release May 5 through SBAM Records.

The preview came Friday in the form of the new single, ‘Bridges.’ The song’s premiere came less than a month after the band debuted the record’s lead single, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You‘.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Bridges’ is another infectious pop punk composition that will instantly become an earworm to anyone that takes in the song. It is easily comparable to the works from so many of the band’s fellow pop punk and skate punk bands at various levels. To that end it is certain to keep listeners engaged and entertained.

No information was provided about the lyrical theme in the band’s new single in the news release announcing the song’s premiere. No lyrics were provided with the single, either. In listening to the song, though, the theme seems to be one of introspection. The question posed in the song’s chorus, “What good were bridges that you burned/When all the bad things just return” comes across as a statement reminding listeners that bad things are going to happen so burning bridges is really not a good. This is complimented at other points in the song, one of those reminding listeners that people will remember others in their darkest moments. In the song’s finale, the band reminds listeners that even though it’s over, it’s not the end. So in essence, the song comes across as delivering a lyrical message of hope and to keep trying. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

Since coming out of the skate punk scene in California in the late 80s, Jughead’s Revenge has released four albums, one independently and the other three through Nitro Records. The band’s forthcoming record will be its debut EP.

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