MusicOld Crow Medicine Show, 97Percent Partner For New Single,...

Old Crow Medicine Show, 97Percent Partner For New Single, Video


April 27 — Old Crow Medicine Show has joined the growing masses of people nationwide calling for an end to gun violence across the country.

The band has partnered with the bipartisan nonprofit gun safety agency, 97Percent, to release its new single, ‘Louder Than Guns‘ and its companion video. The band premiered the pair Thursday. The staff of 97Percent works to create research-backed gun safety policies on which people on both sides of the gun control debate will agree.

The new single is a somber, almost melancholy composition that evokes feelings of sadness through its subdued approach and sound. According to information provided about the premiere of the song and video, front man Ketch Seacor — who is himself a father of two and co-founder of the Episcopal School of Nashville — developed the song following the recent shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, TN.

Secor discussed the song’s creation in a prepared statement.

“When the lives of 6 teachers and students were snuffed out in a couple minutes at Covenant School in Nashville, I knew I had to speak out, and so I sought every opportunity to do so,” Secor said. “I wrote the song ‘Louder Than Guns’ and recorded it just a week after the funerals for the slain. Before we recorded the track, I carved their names in my fiddle – Hallie, Evelyn, William, the three 9-year-olds, and Mike, Cynthia, and Katherine, the three educators. I dedicate this song to them because I swore when the shooting came to Nashville I was going to work my hardest to make it the last stop on this runaway train of murders, gun violence, and terror.”

Secor continued, “I stand up not knowing the answers as to how this will be done. I am a musician, not a politician. But I will use my voice from now on to demand the change our communities deserve; won’t you join us in Old Crow Medicine Show and take a stand in your community, too?”

The video for the band’s new single features the band performing its new single live on stage. No information was provided about when and where the performance was captured, but at the video’s finale, the names of the children etched into Secor’s fiddle can be clearly seen as he displays the back of his instrument.

Along with the band’s performance, the video also features people marching against the gun violence that has plagued America as the song plays over the visualization.

In discussing Old Crow Medicine Show’s partnership with 97Percent, Secor was adamant that “the time is now for the Left and Right to come together at the bargaining table. As 97Percent believes, we’re never going to make progress without engaging gun owners. Old Crow hopes our partnership will be a calling to gun owners and sportsmen. The time to act is now and both sides simply must come together before the next innocent lives are lost.”

97Percent recently launched a new campaign aimed at giving voice to gun owners called “Aim For Change.” The effort is a petition that features four proposed gun reform laws supported by people on both sides of the ongoing debate.

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