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The Bayonets Premiere New Single, ‘Post Apocalypso,’ Lyric Video

April 26 — Rock band The Bayonets is giving audiences another preview of its new album this week with the debut of the record’s new single and lyric video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Post Apocalypso‘ Wednesday, along with its companion lyric video. The song and its video are the second from the band’s forthcoming album, Argentina. Details regarding the album’s release date were not announcing the news release announcing the new single and video’s premiere.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a light, Latin-tinged work right down to its beat. It is such a fun, infectious composition that is comparable — to a point — to Fastball’s classic hit single, ‘The Way.’ What is so interesting is how the light, infectious sound and approach taken to the band’s new single so clearly contrasts the cynicism in the song’s lyrical theme.

According to statements from band member Brian Ray, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the all too familiar topic of relationships, but in a unique way that perhaps includes some commentary.

“Our new song, ‘Post Apocalypso,’ is about romance in a world gone mad,” Ray said. He continued, noting the song’s musical content was influenced by the likes of The Drifters’ ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ and Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Something Stupid.’

“Oliver and I had a track on the back burner which we had never finished, and I had the idea that we might be able to do something cool with it.” Ray said of the arrangement. “We’re really happy about the way it turned out.”

The vocals for the new single were performed by Ray and fellow band member Lucrecia Lopez Sanz. Larry Taylor (Tom Waits, Canned Heat) handled bass duties on the upright bass. Adam McDougall (Chris Robinson) worked the keyboard line in the song. Oliver Leiber kept time on the drums while Ray also handled the guitar line.

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