MusicThe Stone Eye Debuts New Album’s Latest Single, Video

The Stone Eye Debuts New Album’s Latest Single, Video


April 28 — Independent rock band The Stone Eye has unveiled the latest single from its new album, along with the song’s companion video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Oogie-Dew‘ and its companion video Friday. The song is the third single from the band’s brand new album, Fata Morgana, which is available now. The album previously produced the singles, ‘Not My Circus‘ and ‘Donora‘.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Oogie-Dew’ is a unique composition. Its unique vocal delivery style and almost percussive style work on the guitars and bass at times lend the song to comparison to various stoner rock compositions but at others, to more experimental style music. To that end, the nearly five-minute composition really defies any firm classification, which is actually a good thing for the band. That is because it means there is so much originality in this presentation in regard to its sound and style. It is not just another run-of-the-mill work that can so easily be categorized into one genre or another.

The musical arrangement featured in this song is just one part of what makes it interesting. No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video. The lyrics provided with the video are so metaphorical in their presentation that they leave the window wide open for interpretation, which is just as much of a positive as the nature of the song’s arrangement.

The video features the band performing its new single in the sanctuary of a church on one side. It also features the band members following a woman through a forest as she carries an umbrella. As she sees them following her, it would appear she either faints or worse. That is left to interpretation, too.

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