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Battle Born Releases Debut Album; Debuts Latest Single’s Lyric Video

May 12 — Battle Born’s debut album is now available.

The band released its new album, BloodFireMagicand Steel, Friday through Prosthetic Records. Along with its release, the band also premiered the lyric video for the album’s new single, ‘Power Force.’ The song is the album’s third single behind ‘Dragon Heart‘ and the album’s title track.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single stands apart from its predecessors both in sound and style. The over the top guitars, the operatic vocals and the keyboards blend influences of Dragonforce and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The use of the voice modulation and keyboards, at the same time, conjures thoughts of some of the electronic music from the 80s. The whole makes the arrangement quite the unique presentation that is sure to engage listeners.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical content. The lyrics provided in the video come across as familiar power metal fare. It comes across as celebrating all things power metal. That is just this critic’s interpretation. The lyrics are presented over images from the album’s cover and booklet as the song plays over the visualization.

In other news, Battle Born recently announced a tour in support of its new album. The UK tour is scheduled to launch May 17 in Cambridge, UK and to run through June 3 in London, UK.

The tour’s schedule is noted below:

Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel UK Tour

17 May – The Six Six – Cambridge, UK

18 May – The Underground – Bradford, UK

19 May – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow, UK

20 May – Legends – Edinburgh, UK

21 May – The Fulford Arms – York, UK

22 May – Network – Sheffield, UK

24 May – Satan’s Hollow – Manchester, UK

25 May – The Underground – Stoke, UK

26 May – The Flapper – Birmingham, UK

27 May – The Hairy Dog – Derby, UK

28 May – Manorfest – Towcester, UK

29 May – Duffy’s Bar – Leicester, UK

31 May – The Gryphon – Bristol, UK

1 June – Fuel – Cardiff, UK

2 June – The Joiners – Southampton, UK

3 June – The Dome – London, UK

Battle Born’s debut album will come less than a year after the band re-issued its self-titled debut EP through Prosthetic Records. The re-issue produced the single, ‘Bring The Metal Back‘ and its video.

The track listing for the band’s new album is noted below:

Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel tracklist:
1. Wind Caller
2. Dragon Heart
3. Blood and Fire
4. Power Force
5. When Empires Die
6. The Endless Grey
7. Fire Storm
8. Down Your Drinks and Raise Your Swords
9. Meridia
10. Ride North for Winterhold
11. Sky Guard You

More information on Battle Born’s new album and tour is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: