Monday, July 15, 2024

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I Prevail Premieres Semi-Acoustic Take Of Its Latest Single, ‘Deep End’

May 26 — I Prevail debuted a “stripped down” version of its latest single, ‘Deep End‘ this week.

The band premiered the semi-acoustic take of the song and its companion video Friday. The band premiered the song in its original song in March. The updated, “stripped down” take of the song changes little from its source material. The only real notable difference between the two renditions is that the guitars are acoustic instead of electric. The poppy vibe of the original song is just as present as ever.

The keyboards here are still electric and in this case, so is the song’s drum line. Thus the song is not an entirely acoustic take of the original composition.

The band talked, in a prepared statement, about how the new take on the song was inspired by the song’s lyrical theme.

“‘Deep End’ felt special from the day we wrote it,” the statement reads. “Being one of the most introspective tracks on the record, it became a reflection on an attempt to stop battling certain things about yourself and instead learning to accept them as a part of who you are. There’s a peace to be found in that. Overall, this track allowed us to evolve the softer side of our band and we’re incredibly proud of it.”

Along With ‘Deep End,’ True Power also produced the singles, “There’s Fear In Letting Go,” “Body Bag,” “Self-Destruction,” and “Bad Things“.

‘Deep End’ is featured in I Prevail’s latest album, True Power, which was released last year through Fearless Records. More information on the album is available along with all of I Prevail’s latest news at: