Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Maddox Jones Tackles Mental Health With New Single, ‘We All Need Somebody’, Lyric Video

May 26 — Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Maddox Jones is doing his part to bring attention to the importance of addressing mental health with a new single and its companion video.

Jones debuted his new single, ‘We All Need Somebody‘ and its companion lyric video last week. Jones released the song as part of the recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, which spanned May 15-21. The week in question is part of Mental Health Awareness Month, which spans the whole of May.

The musical arrangement featured in Jones’ new single is a deeply moving composition in its simplicity. The use of the vocals and piano in the verses and the slightly more lively choruses make the song so rich in its musical presentation. The overall musical body of this song is easily comparable to works from the likes of The Dunwells, Coldplay and others of that ilk.

The lyrical theme featured in the song is, as noted, meant to bring awareness to the matter of mental health and to remind those dealing with mental health issues that help is always out there.

Jones had the following to say of the song’s lyrical content:

“Written with good friends, the idea came to me after one of my schools visits where I talk about my own mental health struggles with the hope of inspiring people to talk about what’s going on inside,” Jones said. “I love the melody, lyrics and production, it’s all come together so well. If this song helps someone to feel better it will have done it’s job!”

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