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Prey For Sunday Premieres Video For New Single, ‘Tattoo Man’


May 30 — Independent rock act Prey For Sunday debuted the video for its latest single this month.

The band premiered the video for its single, ‘Tattoo Man’ earlier this month. The video is a heavy presentation that tells the story of a man battling addiction. He reaches his lowest point, losing his job and his family. It is at that point, the man seeks out help by going to an alcoholics anonymous meeting. That moment leads him to eventually get his job and family back.

The band performs its new single on a sound stage in the video’s other half, with the song playing over the whole.

The song’s musical arrangement immediately lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Alter Bridge, Chris Cornell, and even Three Doors Down. That is evidenced especially through the vocal delivery sound and style of front man Tony Persico and the instrumentation in the song’s guitar and bass lines.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the news release announcing the single’s premiere. However, the song’s video does well to help deliver the song’s theme.

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