Friday, December 8, 2023

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Sludge/Stoner Rock/Metal Fans Will Find Vermilion Whiskey’s Latest LP Worth Hearing At Least Once

Independent hard rock band Vermilion Whiskey will release its new album, Crimson & Stone next Friday.  The nine-song record is a presentation that will appeal toa very targeted audience.  That is due in large part to its featured musical arrangements, which will be examined shortly.  The lyrical themes featured alongside that musical content adds to the record’s appeal and will be discussed a little later.  The record’s production rounds out its most important elements and will also be discussed later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the record.  All things considered they make Crimson & Stone worth hearing at least once.

Crimson & Stone, the latest album from independent hard rock band Vermilion Whiskey, is a presentation that will appeal primarily to the band’s established audience base and to those of the heavy sludge rock/metal of the band’s more well-known counterparts.  That is due in large part to the reco9rd’s featured musical arrangements.  From one song to the next, the arrangements that make up the album’s musical body are easily comparable to works from the likes of Black Label Society, Crowbar and Texas Hippie Coalition.  In other words the band sticks to a very specific sound and style throughout the course of the album’s 41-minute run time.  The arrangements’ sounds vary ever so subtly and listeners who immerse themselves will hear those subtle changes in each arrangement.  In turn, said audiences will get their own share of appreciation for the record’s musical content.

The lyrical content that accompanies the record’s musical content extends the record’s appeal at least to a point.  That is because there is a little bit more variety in the lyrical content.  The record’s single, ‘Confidence’ for instance comes across as delivering a message of self-empowerment.  This is inferred right from the song’s outset as the lead verse and chorus, which state, “Confidence/In the way that I live/Don’t mistake/Mu mood for arrogant bliss/Problems/I don’t want yours/I’ve got my own/Your words fall out your mouth and that’s well-known.”  This comes across directly as someone who is fine with how his or her life is going and is not going to let that other person get him or her down.  Again, it is a form of self-empowerment.  The mention in the song’s second verse that the main subject is not going to hide from the truth.  This adds even more to the sense that this song is about taking pride in one’s life.  This and the energy in the song’s arrangement will make the positive, uplifting lyrical theme resonate all the more with listeners, showing in part what makes the record’s lyrical themes so important.

‘The Get Down,’ the album’s latest single, is another example of the importance of the album’s lyrical content.  Plain and simple, this song is a straight-forward message about playing just as hard as one works.  The message is delivered as the song lays out a group of scenarios that find their main subjects working hard before talking about each having a good time when they are not working.  The mention of the positive vibes felt when good people gather ‘round makes the message just as clear as anything here.  It is its own anthem for the working class.  To that end, the theme here is different from those of the album’s other songs but just as certain to resonate with listeners.

‘Good Lovin’,’ yet another of the album’s singles, is yet more proof of the importance of the album’s lyrical content.  In this case, the theme is straight-forward in its own right.  As the band pointed out during a recent interview, the song centers on a man who is getting…well…some good lovin’ put bluntly.  It is just a fun song about people having a good time and is obviously quite different from the album’s other lyrical themes.  Its accessibility and variance from the other themes examined here further shows the importance of the album’s lyrical content.  When all of the themes examined here are considered along with the rest of the album’s lyrical content, the whole leaves no doubt as to the role of the record’s lyrical content to the album’s presentation.  When that overall diverse lyrical content is considered along with the album’s more focused musical arrangements, the whole gives the noted audiences all the more reason to take in the record.  The appeal that the album’s musical and lyrical content generate are not all that the album has to offer.  The production rounds out the album’s most important elements.

The production that comes into play in this album is important to note because of its impact on the album’s general effect.  As noted already, the album’s musical arrangements are heavy throughout.  They exhibit influences of some very heavy bands themselves.  Keeping that in mind, it would have been very easy for the band to let the songs get away from themselves.  Luckily the attention paid to the balance in each performer’s work in each song resulted in nine songs that are fully immersive in their sound and style.  The production brings out the best of each man’s work.  The result is a positive overall general effect that will appeal to audiences just as much as the album’s content.  Keeping that in mind, the album’s production proves to be just as critical to its presentation as its content.  When all three elements are considered together, they make the record in whole a presentation that the noted audiences will find worth hearing at least once.

Crimson & Stone, the latest album from Vermilion Whiskey, is a work that will appeal to a very targeted audience.  The audience in question includes the band’s established audience and fans of the sludge rock/metal and stoner rock sounds made so popular by the likes of Black Label Society, Pantera, Clutch, Crowbar, Texas Hippie Coalition and so many others of that ilk.  That is evidenced through the heavy, thick wall of sound generated in each composition.  The lyrical themes featured throughout the album offer a little more variety and are quite accessible in their own right.  They are certain to ensure their own share of engagement and entertainment.  The record’s production ensures the musical arrangements offer audiences get the best possible sound from each arrangement.  Each item examined does its own share to make Crimson & Stone worth hearing.  All things considered they  make this record a presentation that its noted audiences will agree is worth hearing at least once.

Crimson & Stone is scheduled for release May 26.  More information on the album is available along with all of Vermilion Whiskey’s latest news at: