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Superbloom Premieres New EP’s Second Single, Video; Announces New Live Dates


May 4 — Superbloom is scheduled to release its latest studio recording next month.

Life’s A Blur is scheduled for release June 8. In anticipation of its release the band debuted the record’s second single, ‘Tiny Bodyguard‘ and its companion lyric video Thursday. The premiere of the new single and video came a month after the band debuted the EP’s lead single, ‘Head First.’

The musical arrangement featured in Superbloom’s new single is quite unlike that of the album’s lead single. Where ‘Head First’ is an energetic post-grunge style composition that presents so much fire even in its controlled presentation. The new single is the polar opposite. It is more of a pop style composition. That is not to say that the mid-90s post grunge influence is not there. It is there, but the song is so much more subdued in its sound and style than the EP’s lead single.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the premiere of the new single and lyric video. The lyrics presented in the video seem to have the same angsty lyrical content of so much grunge that was popular in the 90s. It presents the whole thing of someone fighting those feelings of inferiority, etc. that was so commonplace in grunge music during that era.

Speaking of the video, it is an interesting presentation in its own right. Footage of an atomic blast is presented on an old TV. The footage itself looks vintage, like it was on an old VHS tape or some such. Meanwhile the song’s lyrics are presented in a very blocky, 80s style font as the song plays over the visualization.

Courtesy: Earshot Media

In other news, Superbloom has announced a series of live dates across Europe. The tour is scheduled to launch Sept. 21 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and to run through Oct. 2 in London, UK. The tour’s schedule is noted below and tickets are available here.

9/21 – Eindhoven

9/22 – Hamburg (Reeperbahn Festival)

9/23 – Berlin

9/24 – Cologne

9/26 – Frankfurt

9/27 – Lille

9/28 – Rotterdam

9/29 – Gent

9/30 – Paris

10/2 – London