MusicThe Intemperate Sons Debuts ‘Game Of Keep Away’ Video

The Intemperate Sons Debuts ‘Game Of Keep Away’ Video


May 12 — The Intemperate Sons has unveiled the video for its latest single.

The band premiered the video for its new single, ‘Game of Keep Away‘ Friday, a week after the band debuted the single by itself. The video is a two-part presentation. In one half of the video, front man Max Watson sings in front of a wall of monitors. He joins his band mates — Jake Watson (guitar), Mark Marks (bass) and Keith Watson (drums) — in the second half, with the group performing its new single on a sound stage.

‘Game of Keep Away’ is the third single and title track from the band’s forthcoming album, which is expected for release this fall. The album’s exact release date is under consideration. The record has already produced the singles, ‘Way Back When‘ and ‘Unrealized‘.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a hard rock style composition. There are some modern hard rock leanings featured throughout the arrangement. At the same time, there is also a late 80s/early 90s hard rock sense about the arrangement, too. The whole of the song is its own interesting composition that is certain to engage audiences.

According to information in a news release announcing the new single’s premiere, the song’s lyrical theme addresses “the struggle to dig out of the hole created by one’s own destructive behavior.”

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