MusicCanine Debuts New Album’s Third Single

Canine Debuts New Album’s Third Single


June 21 — Independent metalcore band Canine premiered its latest single this week, along with the song’s companion lyric video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Mad For The Dead‘ Wednesday, alongside the song’s lyric video. The song is the third single from the band’s sophomore album, Perception, which is expected for release in 2024. The band debuted the album’s second single, ‘Causality,’ last month. Its debut was preceded by that of the album’s lead single, Used To Be Fun‘ in February.

The song’s musical arrangement is very much like those of its predecessors, easily likened to works from the likes of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and As It Bleeds. That is evidenced through the sharp, crisp screams and equally cutting guitar and rhythm section.

The band talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“‘Mad For The Dead’ is our take on the inability to let go of a loved one, taking heavy inspiration from Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary,” the statement reads. “If you had the power to revive that loved one, not knowing the ramifications of your actions. Would you?”

The Stephen King influence is just as evident in the song’s lyric video as in its lyrical theme. That is proven in the song’s chorus, which takes audiences down a hall such as that used in the hotel settings in director Stanley Kubrick’s take of King’s famous horror story, The Shining. It is also a similar stylistic approach taken in the lyric video for one of Ice Nine Kills’ songs, which itself was based on The Shining.

Interestingly enough, the choruses in Canine’s new single are themselves somewhat stylistically similar to those in so many of Ice Nine Kills’ songs, too, so there is that six degrees of separation.

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