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Falling In Reverse Takes On Papa Roach Classic For Its Latest Single


June 26 — Falling in Reverse is taking on one of Papa Roach’s most well-known singles for its latest single.

The band premiered its cover of Papa Roach’s hit single ‘Last Resort‘ Monday, along with a companion video. The band’s take on Papa Roach’s classic song is a complete reimagining of the song that was a full-on nu-metal composition in its original presentation. Front man Ronnie Radke takes on Papa Roach front man Jacoby Shaddix’s vocal role in Falling in Reverse’s take, singing so mournfully alongside an equally deeply emotional as he plays the piano. The pairing of Radke’s vocals and performance on piano alongside the string arrangement gives the song a whole new and even more powerful identity and impact.

The video for Falling in Reverse’s take of ‘Last Resort’ features Radke at the piano and walking through an empty city as it crumbles around him. A group of hooded musicians take on the song’s string arrangement meanwhile.

‘Last Resort’ was Papa Roach’s breakout single and put the band on the map among the nu-metal masses in the early 2000s when it was released in March 2000. The song was the lead single from the band’s sophomore album, Infest. It peaked at number 57 on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 Chart and topped the magazine’s Modern Rock Tracks Chart for seven weeks.

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