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Live Concert Photos Plus Review of Taylor Swift-US Bank Stadium-Minneapolis,MN-06-23-2023-Photographed By Jeremy Smith


Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour at The US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis June 23rd 2023.

  It was a hot summer day, Friday afternoon around 3:30 that I arrived at the stadium. Already the lines were long with Taylor Swift fans waiting for the doors to open. This was night one of two shows that would be performed Friday night and Saturday night in Minneapolis. Each stop on the tour consists of 2-3 shows which have been sold out. I could see and hear all the excitement as everyone arrived and waited for their chance to see Taylor. At 4:30 the doors opened and the crowds began to make their way into The venue.

   Upon arriving into the stadium which is absolutely huge I had my first view of the massive stage that Taylor Swift would be performing on. I have never seen such a large stage. At the beginning of the stage is a massive video screen that opens up at the bottom middle. In which sets, props, dancers and Taylor would go in and out of. The floor is very wide and has a long wide walkway out towards the crowd, in the middle is a diamond shape. Then it extends out further into the crowd where it then ends like a T. The floor of the stage is all video screen. Through the show imagery was played on the floor and the large screen at the beginning of the stage. And even in parts of the floor that would rise up had video on the sides. Was truly an amazing sight to see. 

  Around 6:30 Gracie Abrams took the stage with her band to start the evening off. Gracie played a short set and sounded really good. Gracie’s set was a great start to the evening. Shortly after Girl In Red came out for her opening set. Which was a really energetic set to help pump the crowd up more as it got closer to the headliner Taylor Swift. After Girl In Red left the stage the anticipation grew even more, knowing Taylor was next. 

  All the sudden on the large screen a large clock came up with with a three minute countdown. The roar of the crowd grew very loud as everyone was screaming with excitement. Once the timer reached zero the clock grew larger taking up most of the screen and music started playing. At the bottom of the large screen a large opening became visible. Fog started pouring out of it and then we seen a number of guys walking out. Each had a large fabric kite kind of prop that was flowing above them. They all made their way up to the diamond shape part of the stage. They raised it up and down as it flowed majestically. Then they all lowered it over the middle section of the stage. 

As soon as they all lowered it, they raised it back up and Taylor Swift appeared on a platform that raised up from the stage about 8 feet. I could hear and feel all the excitement around me. As everyone had their first view of Taylor. Taylor Swift’s first song was ‘Miss Americana & The HeartbreakPrince‘ The evening would consist of Taylor going through the different albums/ eras of hers. Starting with the ‘Lover‘ album era. Other eras in the show were ‘Fearless‘, ‘Evermore‘, ‘Reputation‘, ‘Speak Now‘, ‘Red‘, ‘Folklore‘, ‘1989‘. Then Taylor came to the part of the evening where she does two surprise songs acoustically. The first song was ‘Paper Rings‘ on acoustic guitar and then she played ‘If This Was A Movie‘ on the piano that rose out of the stage at the end of the T section. The final era was ‘Midnight‘ Taylor Swift’s latest release. 

  The night would consist of Taylor Swift singing 44 songs for around three and a half hours of music. Hit after hit, the excitement and amazement of the whole show never let up. Taylor Swift took multiple times to talk to her audience. Once talking about ever since she was young it was always a goal of hers to own her music. 

That’s why she has been re-releasing her past albums now named Taylor’s version. She also let us know that in two weeks ‘Speak Now‘ Taylor’s Version was going to be released and she’s very excited for it. 


Through the evening along with Taylor for many of the songs we’re many dancers. Everything was so well choreographed and just was performed perfectly. Taylors voice sounded great through every song she sang. There were many outfit changes through the night. Some favorites were a red sparkly dress she wore as she played a black sparkly guitar. Also a beautiful large white dress that looked like something from out of a princess fairytale. Through all the outfits changes Taylor Swift looked absolutely beautiful in all of them. 

  There was also many different stage sets one being a tall multiple story office building look for ‘I’m The Man’. To a beautiful dreamlike nature fairytale looking set that was one of my favorites. It also had beautiful imagery behind it on the screen that really set the mood. This set was used for the ‘Folklore‘ era.

Another awesome part was after Taylor played her two surprise songs acoustically. She then walked around the edge of the stage up in front at the T section waving to the crowd. Then all of the sudden she turned around and dove into the stage. The floor which is also a screen, then showed her swimming back up to the large screen up at the far end of the stage. Shortly after she was back out in a new outfit again. 

During ‘Bad Blood‘ the audience was surprised with some Pyrotechnics. Flames were shot out a number of times above the large screen up front and on four towers that were among the floor crowd. The heat of the flames could be felt way below on the floor. Which was a really awesome moment. I could really go on and on with all the excitement and unbelievable production of this show. The music, sound, lighting the special effects, the stage, dancers, sets, etc. Everything was absolutely amazing, especially Taylor Swift herself!


 Taylor Swift is definitely one of the greatest, if not the greatest artists and performers of our time. It’s no wonder we keep hearing of so many records she is breaking and awards she is winning. Last I heard that The Eras Tour is on track to become the biggest tour in history. To share this experience at the sold out show I was at with over 60,000 fans in attendance was just amazing and will never be forgotten. 


Anyone having the opportunity to get your hands on tickets for this tour. Do yourself the favor and go. It’s a show you’ll never forget. After the remaining dates for the US tour. Taylor Swift will be heading to Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. There will then be a world tour part of the Eras Tour. Get out there and experience this tour!

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