MusicRahway Debuts New Single, ‘Rocketship,’ Companion Video

Rahway Debuts New Single, ‘Rocketship,’ Companion Video


June 9 — Independent hard rock band Rahway is giving audiences another preview of its forthcoming EP this weekend.

The band debuted the five-song record’s second single, ‘Rocketship‘ and its companion lyric video Friday. The pair’s premiere came more than two months after the band debuted the as yet untitled EP’s lead single, ‘Carry You‘. The band premiered that song’s video in late April.

The musical arrangement featured in Rahway’s new EP, which is expected for release later this year, is an infectious, driving, blues-infused rock composition. It is easily comparable to works from the likes of Brand New Sin, Black Stone Cherry, and others of that ilk.

Lyrically, the band left the song up to interpretation, according to guitarist David Cardenas.

“There is no hidden meaning,” Cardenas said. “It can be about dreaming big, finding the way, or even something more personal like breaking through recovery. The most important thing is what it means to you. “Rocketship” is a musical journey!”

The song’s lyric video is a unique, creative presentation. It features the song’s lyrics over a manga style animated video that includes the band performing its new single and visuals, such as a person crying and bottles of alcohol. The band’s new single plays over the visualization.

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