MusicRiversend Takes On Pantera Classic For Its Latest Single

Riversend Takes On Pantera Classic For Its Latest Single


June 2 — Independent rock band Riversend debuted its latest single this week.

The band premiered its take of Pantera’s ‘Revolution Is My Name‘ Friday, and accompanied the cover with the premiere of its companion video. Riversend’s take on the song is a stark contrast to its source material, being presented in quite the stripped down rendition. The semi-acoustic take on the much heavier original gives the song a whole new identity that is certain to interest listeners.

Vocalist Olivia Horovitz said the risk of taking on the song was deliberate.

“We knew it was a bold choice when we decided to cover a song by Pantera, but we did it for the fun of creating something new and different,” Horovitz said.

Guitarist/bassist Zach Miranowic expanded on Horovitz’s comments.

“When I heard Olivia singing the chorus to ‘Revolution Is My Name’ and thought, ‘Hey, that would be something really cool to record because I’ve never heard anybody do a Pantera cover in that way,” Miranowic said.

The video for the band’s cover is a straight forward presentation. It features the band performing its take on the Pantera standard in a studio. The lighting and decor gives the video something of a psychedelic 1960s/70s vibe. That vibe creates quite the contrast to the song, adding to the engagement and entertainment ensured through the song and video.

The premiere of the band’s new cover came more than a month after the band debuted its then latest single, “‘Phantom‘.

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