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Wilmette Debuts New Album’s Third Single, Video

June 27 — Independent pop punk band Wilmette unveiled another single from its forthcoming album, Hyperfocused this week, along with the song’s companion video.

The band premiered its new single, ‘No One Knew‘ and its video Monday. The single and its video are the third from the forthcoming album, which the band announced Tuesday, is scheduled for release Aug. 4 through Mutant League Records.

The song’s musical arrangement is a clear change of pace from the album’s first two singles, ‘Playing Dead‘ and ‘Hyperfocused.’ Where those songs are both clearly upbeat pop punk compositions, ‘No One Knew’ does exhibit the band’s familiar pop punk leanings, but also take the record in more of an emo punk direction, slowing things down and taking the band in a more emotional direction.

Guitarist Griffin Guge talked about the song’s composition during a recent interview.

“We tracked this song exactly halfway through the recording process,” Guge said. “It was a point where we thought we knew where the record was going until we got to this song. There was a lot of room to grow on the track, and we definitely got excited to experiment with a lot of cool guitar sounds. One of my favorites of which is in the bridge. We used a variety of unconventional guitar techniques as well as pedals to quite literally make it sound like the song is breaking and the building you’re in is coming down. I think it was very fitting for the part.”

Front man Aaron Hailey added to Guge’s comments as he talked about the song’s lyrical theme.

“It’s [the song’s lyrical theme] about the guilt of not being able to help someone through a hard time, and the helpless feeling that comes with being there while they struggle,” Hailey said.

The song’s video does well to capture the discussion in the song’s lyrical theme and the emotional impact of said situation that is exhibited in the song’s musical arrangement. It does this by showing what appears to be a couple’s breakup, perhaps as a result of on not being able to help the other.

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