Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Northpark Signs Record Deal With Wiretap Records; Debuts Video For New Single, ‘Uno’

Sept. 8 — Independent pop punk outfit Northpark has joined the Wiretap Records family.

The band announced Friday, it ha signed a record deal with the independent label. Specifics of the deal were not revealed in the news release making the announcement. The deal puts the band alongside the likes of Grave Secrets, Mercy Music, and Catholic Guilt.

Northpark released its debut album, Wasteland in June. The band premiered the video for the album’s latest single, ‘Uno‘ Friday through New Noise Magazine.

The band talked about the video’s presentation and how it connects with the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement:

“‘Uno’ is about the troubles and feelings that come from not being able to move on from someone that you’ve held so deep in your heart,” the statement reads. “You’re the only one that’s moving on now”. Throughout the music video you can see the protagonist — Miguel the vocalist — battling with these feelings in cinematic scenes. “Cause I’m the only one that’s hurting bad now” relating to the fact that the other person in this scenario has completely moved on while the protagonist has not. Concluding the video, you see the protagonist attempting to jump off a bridge when at the last moment he is saved. This signifies the feeling that only one person (uno being the Italian word for one) can save them from this outcome.”

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