MusicOf Limbo Debuts New Single, ‘California Demon,’ Companion Video

Of Limbo Debuts New Single, ‘California Demon,’ Companion Video


Aug. 24 — Independent hard rock band Of Limbo has taken on the familiar topic of the price people pay for fame in its new single, ‘California Demon‘ and the song’s video.

The band premiered the song and its video last month. The musical arrangement immediately takes audiences back in time to the alt-rock and hard rock sounds of the 90s. The heaviness and crunch in the guitar line and the drums especially conjures thoughts of the grunge sounds of the era. At the same time there are clear hard rock leanings that when paired with that noted grunge influence, makes the song an engaging and entertaining work in its own right.

According to band member Jake Davies, the song’s lyrical theme is a rumination on fame and fortune.

The song explores the concept of “selling your soul for fame and fortune” but in a literal sense,” Davies said. “As if the devil was real and young, innocent and corruptible people are actually coming to Hollywood and selling their soul to become a star.   There’s a large section of the population, like our conspiracy theory loving uncle, who believes this to be 100% fact/reality. He sends us videos of stars in interviews implying they sold their souls, or the latest Grammy performances, etc. from Sam Smith or mumble rappers dressed up as Satan. He doesn’t believe this is just pageantry. He thinks it’s all some kind of televised satanic ritual. It’s a concept we always felt was perfect for a rock song. Innocent girl comes to Hollywood with wide eyes and high hopes, only to find she has to sacrifice a lot more than she bargained for… HER SOUL”!

The song’s video, helmed by Tom Vercelli, features the band members performing their respective parts to the song as the young woman’s story unfolds. At one point late in the song, Davies’ guitar is actually set aflame, according to fellow band member, Jake Davies, Luke’s brother.

“Yes, we DID actually set Luke’s guitar on fire while he played it at the end,” Davies said. “We had to douse Luke in flame retardant spray and pray to sweet baby Jesus that he didn’t get 3rd degree burns. It was definitely super sketchy at times!  On a few takes I had to run in with a wet blanket to extinguish the flames.”

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