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Dropkick Murphys-Concert Review and Galleries-10/19/2023-Epic Event Center-Green Bay, WI-Photographed by Jeremy Smith

Dropkick Murphys Fall Tour comes to the Epic Event Center in Green Bay WI for a sold out show.


  So you definitely know when the Dropkick Murphys are heading out on tour that it’s gonna be an awesome show. Then add in Ska/Punk band The Interrupters then the show becomes even more amazing. On top of that have the show opened with folk rock singer songwriter Jesse Ahern then we just went beyond for a super memorable show.


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  A Thursday evening in the middle of October fans gathered at the Epic Event Center for a night of great punk rock. The show started at 7pm with Jesse Ahern taking the stage. Jesse Ahern is a solo artist, playing acoustic and electric guitar and also plays the harmonica between singing. For being one man up on stage Jesse Ahern really can carry on a set well. Songs played were about the working class amd storytelling. Jesse seemed also like a really down to earth guy. At one point mentioning how he had been noticing the kids up on their parents shoulders in the audience. Saying he thought it was great having the kids at the show, and that he almost started crying seeing them. Saying they made him miss his own family back home. A few of the songs Jesse played were “Back Up Against The Wall”, “Pray” and “The Older I Get”. 

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  Next up was The Interrupters, this is a band I haven’t heard too many songs of just a couple here and there. But I must say then energy and excitement of this band and their music was totally infectious. Right into the first song “Take Back The Power” I along with the rest of the sold out venue were just totally feeling the entire set. Singer Aimee Allen is just an amazing front person for the band. With her energy and great smile through the whole set had everyone just totally into them. The middle of the stage had an extension coming out so the band could walk out to the audience. Aimee Allen spent a lot of time coming right up to the audience for a more personal experience. The fans were definitely loving it. The Interrupters music has such great feeling grooves that just make for such a fun live concert experience. Guitarist Kevin Bivona did most the talking between songs and also thanked everyone a number of times and telling the fans how much they mean to them. The Interrupters music is so good and singer Aimee Allen has such a great voice that I couldn’t wait to hear them again along with more music. So the next day I purchased a few albums of theirs. Some of the highlights of their set for me were, “Raised By Wolves”, “Take Back The Power”, “She’s Kerosene” and ” She Got Arrested”.

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  The headliners Dropkick Murphys stage set was really cool with glowing candles placed along side over sized skulls at different areas of the stage. Dimly lit the candles glowed as some Irish music started playing before the band took the stage. Shortly after the band came out breaking into the first song. Now if you’ve never seen the Dropkick Murphys this is one band with such energy. Along with their fun storytelling punk rock music. With Ken Casey on lead vocals he was full of energy making his way all over the stage and out to the audience many times throughout the set. Many time Ken would be standing on the barricades bumping and grabbing fists as he sang. Also putting the mic into the audience for fans to sing a line of the song. The Dropkick Murphys put on such an amazing set with so many songs covering their entire catalog back to the “Do Or Die” album released back in 1998. Their music is so different than most bands out there, which makes them stand out. From accordions, banjos, tin whistles, mandolin and bagpipes. It just adds so much to there punk rock music. The lyrics are really fun and also fun to sing along to. They just make me think of a fun bar music where everyone is sitting around having a drink and singing all together have a blast. The Dropkick Murphys definitely played alot of favorites in their 1 hour and 20 minute set. But I think we all could have easily stayed for another hour or two listening too so much more great music from their catalog. Bands that are this good it must be hard to pick exactly what they’re gonna play for each tour, having so many great songs that fans live so much. But I think they did a great job with this set, even though there were a number of songs I was hoping to hear. 


  This is a tour you definitely do not want to miss. I am so glad I was able to see the Dropkick Murphys on this tour. Also glad I was able to see The Interrupters who is a band I’ll be listening to for awhile now after getting into them at this show. Also definitely will be checking out more of Jesse Ahern. Get out there and get tickets to an upcoming show in your area before they sell out like this show!

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