MusicRaider Debuts New Single, 'Rite Of Conquest’

Raider Debuts New Single, ‘Rite Of Conquest’


Independent thrash metal outfit Raider debuted the latest single from its forthcoming album, Trial By Chaos this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Rite of Conquest’ Tuesday. The song’s musical arrangement is a composition that will appeal to the most devoted thrash metal fan what with its intense energy exuded by its guitar work, screaming vocals and powerhouse drumming.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the new single is a deep presentation. On the surface, the band said the song centers humanity being so driven for conquest that it has turned that drive to space. On a deeper level, this is a commentary about mankind’s desire to just take over everything at any cost. To that end it is a sort of sociopolitical commentary.

Trial By Chaos is scheduled for release April 7. Pre-orders are open now here. The album’s track listing is noted below.

Trial By Chaos Track Listing: 

  1. Trial by Chaos
  2. Rite of Conquest
  3. New Dominion
  4. Fearless
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Ark of Empyrea
  7. Juggernaut Cerebrivore
  8. Devour the Darkness

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