Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Slaves To Humanity Takes On Bullies In Aptly Titled New Single

Feb. 24 — Independent rock band Slaves To Humanity opened the weekend with some new music.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Bully‘ Friday. The single’s musical arrangement presents a musical arrangement that is part 80s pop rock and part modern indie rock. The whole is a catchy, infectious composition that is sure to keep listeners engaged and entertained. The arrangement becomes even more intriguing considering the song’s lyrical content, which as front man Aidan Amini stated is ‘a “fuck you” to all the people who think it’s okay to treat others poorly.”

Typically songs, such as these tend to have heavier arrangements accompanying them to help illustrate the frustration felt by those who have suffered at the hands of such people. To that end, it makes this arrangement, which is so much lighter than those works, all the more engaging.

As noted, the song’s lyrical theme is directly noted by the band’s front man as a verbal attack on bullies. According to the lyrics provided, those bullies include the online bullies, those trolls, who sit in their mothers’ basements, going after everyone like the keyboard warriors they are. This is an all to familiar theme, but just as engaging here as in any case.

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