Musicd3adc0de Debuts Crystal Method Remix Of Its Debut Single

d3adc0de Debuts Crystal Method Remix Of Its Debut Single


March 24 — Independent techno-rock band d3adc0de unveiled the update to its debut single, ‘Fight or Flight‘ this week.

The band premiered a remix of the song composed by The Crystal Method Thursday, along with a new lyric video. The Crystal Method’s remix of the song does not stray too far from its source material, though there is a notable difference in the original song and its remix in terms of the stylistic approach.

The electronic elements incorporated into the original song are there, but the more rock oriented elements that made the original comparable to works from the likes of Orgy, Linkin Park and Evanescence are nowhere to be heard in this update. The song takes much more of an EDM approach in its remix, too even as it works to stay true to its source material.

The lyric video is just as much of an update to the song as the remix to the arrangement. The video features the song’s lyrics over the story of an astronaut watching an asteroid impact Earth. The astronaut finds himself going through what looks like an interstellar portal at one point in the video. There is also some random science fiction style imagery thrown in for good measure as the song plays over the overall visualization.

Stephen Morgan, one half of d3adc0de, talked about The Crystal Method re-working its song in a prepared statement.

“The Crystal Method has been an influence to my song-writing for more than a decade,” Morgan said. “I’ve had that inspiration ever since hearing the song ‘Trip Like I Do’ where the intro begins with the lyrics ‘another world, another time.’ It seems the collaboration between d3adc0de and The Crystal Method is in the spirit of that message. It’s very exciting to hear the remix version of our debut single. It’s a refreshing twist to the original song that stands out on its own, and makes me feel like I’m listening to a song straight off of Vegas or Tweekend, except, it’s a d3adc0de song.”

Stephen Sims, the other half of the duo, expanded on Morgan’s thoughts.

“I was very excited to see what The Crystal Method could do with ‘Fight or Flight,’ given their unique and pioneering sound,” Sims said. “The classic collaboration track with Filter, ‘Trip Like I Do,’ demonstrated their ability to blend rock and electronic, and so we knew that the outcome would blow us away. I still have ‘The Trip Home,’ one of The Crystal Method’s more recent releases on my weekly playlist due heavily to the impressive vocal features and timeless sound. The ‘Fight or Flight’ remix exceeded my already high expectations.

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