Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Wilmette Debuts New Album’s Second Single, Video

May 24 — Independent pop punk band Wilmette is giving audiences a new preview of its forthcoming album, Hyperfocused.

The band premiered the album’s title track — the album’s second single — and its video Wednesday, along with the song’s companion video. The band premiered the album’s lead single,  ‘Playing Dead‘ and its companion video last year.

As with the album’s lead single, the musical arrangement featured in ‘Hyperfocused’ is an upbeat pop punk composition whose sound and style is easily comparable to that of so many of the band’s contemporaries, both independent and more well-known.

Guitarist Griffin Guge said the lyrical theme featured in the new single urges listeners to take less stock in others’ expectations of one another and more on our own expectations of ourselves.

“This track is about running the fine line between pursuing your own personal goals/interests and what others expect from you,” Guge said. “It’s important to learn how to compromise with both of those things without letting either side get sabotaged. There’s always multiple perspectives with countless experiences to back them up. ‘Hyperfocused’ is about pursuing your own personal growth without destroying the growth of others.”

The video for ‘Hyperfocused’ is also similar to that of its predecessor. It features the band performing its new single on a specially designed sound stage. The intent was clearly artistic in part and also to show what the band looks like in a live setting.

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